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      3. Closed Friday July 1st and Closed Sunday Night July 3rd

        We Are Open For Dine In & Curbside Pick Up

        We are thrilled to welcome you to nteen. The health and safety of your family and ours will remain our top priority. We will forever run nteen safely and mindfully. Now and always we will respect and appreciate everyone who comes through our doors. We ask that everyone respect each other and our staff

        Make a Reservation

        Book your table on Resy

        Dinner Wednesday-Sunday 5pm-9pm

        Small, Medium and Large?Plates?

        Brunch Saturday and Sunday 10am-2pm

        Join Us For a Unique and Tasty Brunch


        Classic Cocktails and a Thoughtful?Winelist?


        10522 - 124 St.
        Edmonton, Alberta

        Email: contact@

        Wednesday?- Sunday ?5pm -9pm

        Saturday and Sunday, 10am - 2pm

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